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Lora Kesselhon was the guest speaker at the 2009 Women's Brunch. We do not have a transcript but we do have an audio file.

CLICK HERE to download the audio file of Lora's message April 18, 2009.

Introduction to Lora's message:

On her Caring Bridge journal entry for Friday, March 14, 2008 Lora described her life as similar to Forrest Gump. Especially the part where his Mawma always said life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. The rest is following:

At the young age of 14 my life was quite similar to the character Jenny in Forrest Gump. Sex, drugs and rock and roll mixed with new age religion were the focus' of my life. Throughout highschool I lived a double life. One of doing what was right and the other well, pursuing my dreams of how I thought the world should be. This brought me to 17, dropped out of highschool, and found myself hitch hiking around the united states with another girl. We followed the Grateful Dead and Phish, two rock band that had a huge following of tens of thousands of young people just like ourselves. It was a dream come true. Finally I had found the life I was looking for.

During this time in my life my family experienced a revival in their faith. I can only now imagine what a runaway daughter would do to my heart... We had a 1-800 number to our house for some reason and I would periotically call them to let them know I was ok. When my mom would ask where I was I'd tell her at the ocean. Well where, she'd ask. I wouldn't say. I was under 18 you see. But always in these conversations God sized things started happening. I told my mom that a good influence had come into my life, some people who read the Bible. Little did I know she was praying those very words for me. But little did she know that the people that I spoke of were burrito selling, pot smoking, Rastafarians with dreadlocks. So sure they read the Bible, but really only to support their idea that it was ok to smoke pot, and other silly things. But the amazing God part of the story is that I for the only reason that they were the first people that I had ever met my age, that read the Bible, allowed me to take it at its word. So although they gave me their list of docturnal verses that "proved" their beliefs, when I read the Living Word of God, all I heard was the truth, and found all of their explainations rediculous.

I started wondering where all of the other people in the world were who had read this Book and belived what it said. Becauase up until then I didn't think that I had ever met any of them, although I had attended church my whole life. These people I encountered in the Bible and the thoughts that they brought me to have were different they were radical, they were calling me to a different life.

I finally made my way back to LaCrosse, WI my hometown, where I met a Christian woman who answered every question that I ever had. I attended church for the first time with new eyes, and heard people share things about their lives that I would never tell anyone. All with the purpose of pointing us to the relationship they had found in God. I was astonished. And that was only the begining of this journey.

So in Feb of 1996 I made the realization that the life that I had found on the road doing everything that I had worked up for so long to believe and make my reality was only rubbish in comparison to these truths that I had found in a living relationship with God. I confessed that in every way in my life I had done exactly opposite from what God had desired and planned for my life. I asked Him to forgive me and give me a new life, and a new heart and He did. There was a major celebration at that moment in the room of young people I was in. Dancing, singing, hugging, laughing. It was the birth of my new life.

That was almost exactly 12 years ago (March 2008). Now Lora continues talking to the women assembled at Mount of Olives -
CLICK HERE to download the audio file of her message.


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