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Pastor Ross had the honer of being one of the guest speaker at the PIONEER'S mission organization's Story 08 conference held during the last week of December. Below is the introduction of Pastor Ross to the conference.

"Pastor Duncan Ross, senior pastor at Mount of Olives Baptist Church in Duluth, Minnesota, writes, “I went to a Bible college that had a heavy mission emphasis, but never managed to feel much passion for missions. It wasn’t until I began to see missions from God’s perspective that my heart was much warmed to the Great Commission. That is—missions is fundamentally more about creating worshippers for God than it is about simply reaching the needy lost people in this world.” To catch some of Pastor Duncan’s work during the past 10 years, visit a site initiated and maintained by one of the men in his church. For recreation, Duncan loves to read and spend time with his family: wife Michele (of 23 years) and children Nathan, Andrew, Sarah, and Anna."

Pastor Ross gave three sermons and we have the transcripts of those for you to use to better understand our responsibility to "The Great Commision!"


Sermon given December 29, 2008

Sermon given December 30, 2008

Sermon given December 31, 2008

To find out more about Story 08 go to http://www.story08.org and to find out how you can become involved in missions through the Pioneers organization, go to http://www.pioneers.org.

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