Duncan's charge to the church at the dedication service on Sunday September 18, 2005


Because this building belongs to God,

Take care of it—all of us, not just those who wield a mop or a paint brush.


Because this building is founded on the blood of Jesus,

--invite lost people to it so they may here meet Christ and be cleansed.


Because this building is a place where people encounter the true and living God,

--Don’t ever make a worthless idol out of it—it’s brick and mortar.


Because this building exists to exalt God’s name,

--be careful how you live in this world—people who see you enter this building will, for well or ill, associate this place with you--the depth of your love for Christ and your joy in the Lord.


Because this building was given by God to enable people to know Him better,

--Do the necessary heart preparation work at home so when you come here you will be hungry and excited to know Him.


Because this building serves as a hospital for warriors who have been wounded,

--when you come here don’t pretend you are doing just fine, if you have a fiery dart sticking in you--and keep an eye out to help others who have been hurt in the raging battle.


Because this building is owned by God who is love,

Keep the fights between you and the enemy, not with people who wear the blood of Jesus.


Because this building serves as a militant base of operations for God’s army,

--come with your armor on or at least a willingness to be equipped for a war, not a game.


Because this building serves as a house of prayer,

--come with a pleading and God-dependent heart that will, to God, make this place smell of incense.


Because this building serves as a sending station for those who have been called to the nations with the gospel,

--always be ready and willing to hear your missionary call to go, and to help in any way you can others who have heard their call.


Because this building serves as an academy for believers to hear truth at the Master’s feet,

--come as an energetic learner who delights in homework-most of this work is done outside of class.



Because this building serves as an equipping station for discipleship—

--don’t spend too much time here—most of the action is out there.




Because the people of God gather here—

--come to be an active part of a genuine Christian community—we only work the way we are supposed to when we work together as a team—with no star players and one divine coach.


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