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A Series on 1st Corinthians

"1st Cor. 1 An Introduction"

"1st Cor. 2 The Overture"

"1st Cor. 3 Thanksgiving for Corinthians" 

"1st Cor. 4 An Anatomy of Church Division"  

"1st Cor. 5 Who are you following?"  

"1st Cor. 6 The Supremacy of God's Wisdom"   

"1st Cor. 7 The Supremacy of God's Wisdom part II" 

"1st Cor. 8 The Supremacy of God's Wisdom in Weak Vessels"  

"1st Cor. 9 The Secret, Hidden Wisdom of God" 

"1st Cor. 10 More on Church Division"

"1st Cor. 11 A God Centered Ministry" 

"1st Cor. 12 A Grave Warning"  

"1st Cor. 13 Let No One Boast in Men"  

"1st Cor. 14 Stewards and Servants"   

"1st Cor. 15 In Gratitude and Humility"

"1st Cor. 16 Discipleship & Suffering The Unbreakable Connection"

"1st Cor. 17 Paul & his Children"

"1st Cor. 18 Scandal in Corinth" 

"1st Cor. 19 God's Double Standard"  

"1st Cor. 20 More Scandal in Corinth" 

"1st Cor. 21 A Grave Warning"  

"1st Cor. 22 The Truth About Sex"   

"1st Cor. 23 Sex in Marriage"   

"1st Cor. 24 The Gift of Celibacy"

"1st Cor. 25 Divorce and the Church" 

"1st Cor. 26 Not Upwardly Mobile" 

"1st Cor. 27 Undivided Devotion"  

"1st Cor. 28 Undivided Devotion II"

"1st Cor. 29 Knowledge Puffs Up" 

"1st Cor. 30 One God"  

"1st Cor. 31 Keeping Right Priorities" 

"1st Cor. 32 No Hindurances" 

"1st Cor. 33 Freed to Surrender!"  

"1st Cor. 34 Liberated for Enslavement!" 

"1st Cor. 35 Running to Win the Prize" 

"1st Cor. 36 Take Heed for Your Soul"  

"1st Cor. 37 The Faithfulness of God in Temptation" 

"1st Cor. 38 The table of the Lord or Demons?" 

"1st Cor. 39 Living to Please God and Others" 

"1st Cor. 40 All to the Glory of God" 

"1st Cor. 41 Headship and Head Covering" 

"1st Cor. 42 Authority, Submission and Interdependence"  

"1st Cor. 43 A Counterfeit Communion" 

"1st Cor. 44 Descerning the Body"

"1st Cor. 45 Concerning Spiritual Gifts"

"1st Cor. 46 The Diversity of Christ's Body" 

"1st Cor. 47 Concerning Spiritual Gifts" 

"1st Cor. 48 God's Sovereign Spirit" 

"1st Cor. 49 God's Sovereign Spirit II" 

"1st Cor. 50 God's Sovereign Spirit III"  

"1st Cor. 51 The Gift of Tongues" 

"1st Cor. 52 The Gift of Tongues II"  

"1st Cor. 53 Against Spititual Elitism"  

"1st Cor. 54 Against Spititual Elitism II"  

"1st Cor. 55 Finishing up the Spiritual Gifts" 

"1st Cor. 56 Biblical Love - The Overture"

"1st Cor. 57 Biblical Love" 

"1st Cor. 58 Love continued" 

"1st Cor. 59 Love is NOT. . . " 

"1st Cor. 60 Love is NOT.- continued"  

"1st Cor. 61 Love is NOT.- continued"

"1st Cor. 62 The Power of Love" 

"1st Cor. 63 Now . . and Then"  

"1st Cor. 64 Review of Chapter 13"  

"1st Cor. 65 Building up the body - 1st Cor. 14"  

"1st Cor. 66 Building up the body - part II" 

"1st Cor. 67 Building up the body - part III"  

"1st Cor. 68 Building up the body - part IV" 

"1st Cor. 69 Edification Application"

"1st Cor. 70 Orderly Worship" 

"1st Cor. 71 The Full Gospel"  

"1st Cor. 72 By the Grace of Godl"  

"1st Cor. 73 By the Grace of God - Part II"  

"1st Cor. 74 If Christ is Not Risen" 

"1st Cor. 75 Christ the First Fruits" 

"1st Cor. 76 What's the Point?" 

"1st Cor. 77 No Knowledge of God" 

"1st Cor. 78 A Miraculous Transformation" 

"1st Cor. 79 We Will All Be Changed!" 

"1st Cor. 80 Houskeeping Issues"

"1st Cor. 81 An Apostolic Itinerary" 

"1st Cor. 82 Five Commands and a Curse"


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